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About Us

The Bombay Sogetsu School Branch

The Bombay Sogetsu School Branch, is a branch of the Sogetsu Foundation based in Tokyo, Japan. In Mumbai it was founded by Director Leela Rajkumar in 1979 and since then it has consistently grown from strength to strength.

We have many teachers spread over the city teaching this exotic art who introduce you to a world of plant beauty and help you to represent your thoughts through your arrangements, which bring both peace of mind and happiness.

The Mumbai School Branch promotes various activities to increase the awareness of Ikebana not only in Mumbai but all over India. We conduct many workshops and demonstrations, not only by our senior teachers but also give the young a chance. Our Members participate whole heartedly in all our events. Our annual exhibhition is one of its kind as it is exhibhits from the very tiny arrangements to the very large ones. It is an eagerly awaited event.

Every year the school contributes to the society through donations begot from various fund raising programs dedicated to some profound and meaningful causes.